Entry Access System


Noble Reign Security & Communications can help you analyze your needs to select the type of Access Control system most suitable to your business or home. We design and install the system according to your specific security needs and in compliance with municipal fire regulations, always keeping up with the appearance of your office, apartment building or home.

Components of an Access Control System:

  Keypads and Readers


  Audit Trail – Computerized Logging of access usage

  Door Hardware – (Door Strike or Magnetic Lock)

  Door Contact

  Exit Detector (Motion or Exit Button)


Why You Need Access Control For Your Business Or Home

Access Control is used to locks and unlocks doors in response to an ID card or key tag, without any personal intervention. It provides the security you require while permitting authorized people to enter your premises with ease. Access Control can also extend to your driveway Gate, front door, parking lot, or other remote site. A log of all entries and exits is automatically generated leaving an audit trail for security and review purposes. Many different type of reports can be generated based on parameters you specify. The Access Control components are attractive and can be designed to complement the color scheme and design of your office or home, they may even be totally concealed.

No more keys mean huge savings. Keys can be easily copied and passed on to unauthorized persons. An employee who is dismissed or who resigns may keep a copy of the key and enter the premises unlawfully at anytime. This is not the case with an Access Control system. The entry devices cannot be duplicated by unauthorized personnel and any devices retained by staff who have left your firm can be easily invalidated. Once a card or tag has been set as invalid your doors will remain locked and secure. You can even give entry devices to temporary employees and preset the date and time when their validity will expire.

Indoor And Outdoor Access

Access Control systems can be installed on both indoor and outdoor entrances so that areas may be accessible only to employees. Weather resistant proximity readers are available for outdoor use. In addition to main entrances, Access Control can be installed throughout your building, in warehouses, archives and other restricted areas in your office or plant, limiting access only to select employees.


Biometrics constitute a more sophisticated type of Access Control. A body feature of your employee can replace the ID card. Fingerprints, handscans, iris patterns, facial features or spoken instructions can be almost instantly examined by scanners and compared to data in a database. With Biometrics, your staff don’t have to remember frequently revised PINS or passwords and don’t need to carry an ID card, which might be lost, forgotten or compromised by way of theft. With Biometrics, authorized persons always have their permits on them. The equipment recognizes the person by the feature analyzed and stored in the database.

Biometrics is of particularly value if your business has high traffic and if you want to minimize impediments to free movement. Biometric systems do their searches almost instantaneously. Approved customers, members or staff can simply breeze past the scanners without interference. The systems are virtually foolproof because the biometric features are unique to each individual and can’t be copied. Since with Biometric Systems you no longer have to administer PINs and passwords they also offer cost savings on administration and maintenance.

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